Random Memories/So I Won’t Forget: Kindergarten

I love memories. Sometimes I try to see how far back I can remember. These are memories I remember from kindergarten.

These are things I write so I won’t forget.

⭐I remember even though I lived directly across the street from the school I went to. Nobody in my neighborhood went to the that school. The way they divide school districts are strange here. You and the people who live across the street could be in two different school districts. It’s some invisible line that divides the districts, I don’t know the thinking behind it.

⭐I remember the principal was odd. Odd like, she had 3 last names an she insisted on people using them all. Mrs Jones Jones Jones.

It was so irritating that she made people say all three last names. She didn’t like me much either.

Once she made some kids parent so mad that she got chased around the building by the parent. She locked herself in her office and called the police. “Hello police, this is Mrs Jones Jones Jones “. The police did show up and arrest the parent.

⭐ I remember I used to fight at lunch all the time. It was always for the same reasons, someone either cut me in lunch line or pushed me out of the line. For some reason they had the kindergarten students and the 4th graders going to lunch at the same time. The 4th graders were way bigger than us so they would bully the kindergartners. Not me, I was quick to swing as soon as one of them tried me. I thought it was a game, I remember not being scared of any of them. I got in trouble at least 3 times a week. My mom had to come to the school often because of this. I wasn’t bad I was just not going to be bullied . I do admit I handled it the wrong way but I was a child. Funny thing I remember was I had amazing leaping skills. Big kid cut me in line next thing he knows I’ve jumped on his back attacking. Like I said I thought it was a game, I was never mad. Fighting and wrestling was fun when I was 5 years old.

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2 Responses to Random Memories/So I Won’t Forget: Kindergarten

  1. Stephanie says:

    This is such a sweet post! It is great to cherish memories regardless of how far back in time it has been.

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