Music Diary:Kanye West-Spaceship

I remember listening to the entire College Dropout album in full on the way to a job I couldn’t stand. This song brings back memories of struggle.

I was working in retail when College Dropout, came out. I don’t have any comment on Kanye West right now just because I don’t pay attention to him, but I will say this album is classic.

“SPACESHIP “was a song that I related to. There were things in this song that I 100% have done or have had happened to me.

At the time I worked at a horrible retail store for a long time. I stayed because I couldn’t find another job that paid more or would give me the hours. Plus I had a bad experience before being completely unemployed and that was scary.Now I know I should have quit and took a job for less money and had less stress.

I didn’t like that job so much I would get physical sick before I walked in. The management team was so unprofessional. From sleeping together, to stealing electronics all the way to sexual harrassment and racist comments. They did it all.

Also I didn’t like Retail work. I worked in a retail store that sold strictly office supplies. The customers I dealt with really wanted you to do everything for them. They didn’t want to pick anything up or look for anything themselves. I literally did everything for the customer. They would come in with a list, I would go get the stuff. Then I would ring them up, and carry the stuff to their car. This was long before curb side service. All customers didn’t do this but many did.

Another thing, why did my schedule say I get off at 9:30 pm if management knew they were going to keep us here until 10:30 pm or later. I think this made me more upset than everything combined. The store closed at 9pm, which gave us 30 minutes to clean up the store. We would always be done on time, but the managers always made us wait until they were done with their paperwork. Always said,everyone has to leave together. My thing was we do the exact same thing every night, why didn’t management either switch the schedule or speed up. I can’t stand people to tell me when I can come and go, especially when my schedule said I should be off work.

While we are serving customers hand and foot, we were still expected to make quotas and stock shelves. If I spend 30 to 40 minutes per customer, how much work do you think I can accomplish?

This was just my experience at one Retail store. I’m sure some people like Retail work, not me.

I love music. Music always brings up memories, some good some bad.

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