Letter to Myself:5th day of summer

Date:Sometime when I was 13

Today I got to see something crazy/horrible/criminal. I’m over at my friends house a block away from grandma’s house.

We were outside talking and this guy named Terrell comes over. He is really tall for his age, like 6 foot only 15 years old. He has little arms like a Tyrannosaurus and he has a voice like a old robot. He is a real character.

Well, he comes over and talks for awhile when this yellow cat that’s always around walks in front of him. This is when he did the most random, stupid, odd thing I’ve seen in a long time. He grabs the cat by the tail and swings it around like a lasso and throws it on the roof of a near by house. Like I said before Terrell is 6 feet tall and he is not skinny. So when he threw the cat, he tossed it about 2 roofs over. I bet that cat didn’t know what happened, one minute he’s walking next he’s flying. We didn’t say much because he might have tried to throw us on the roof next. That was definitely animal cruelty. Plus that cat belongs to someone, now he’s probably mentally unstable. I feel bad for the cat.

Even though that was crazy, I feel sad that was the most interesting thing that stood out today. I got to find something to do this summer.


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1 Response to Letter to Myself:5th day of summer

  1. trE says:

    That guy Terrell probably needs to be assessed. Harming animals is usually an indication of some deeper, underlying factor. I would’ve had to take that beat down from him because I would’ve said something. You guys be safe.

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