My Words

I want to get better in every way,

A part of that is being careful with what I say,

No way anyone still doesn’t believe words are powerful,

If you don’t believe just look around,

If people even think you said the wrong thing it’s a serious problem,

Sometimes I feel if Freedom of Speech was a person,

Some people have robbed em,

Took away the Freedom part and added their personal feelings,

So I can feel however I want to feel I just can’t say it,

On the flipside,

There is a bunch of stuff said that people try to hide,

Things that if you had heard it before you wouldn’t be on their side,

Now today you can’t be openly disrespectful and that’s cool,

There were a bunch of people who had us fooled,

Their words more than their actions made them the fool.

If you write it, record it, or even say it out loud,

Know it’s a chance someone is paying attention,

Not to mention you need to be careful with your thoughts,

They effect every part of you,

It is true eventually your bad thoughts can take over you,

They can make you say things that were unintentional but you still said it,

They can make you lose your temper and say horrible things in the heat of the moment,




Words can put you on this course,

Of course there is a amazing side of words,

Words can motivate,

Words can bless,

Words can express love,

Words can give hope,

Words have been here since the start,

I have to get better with my words because my words are attached to my heart.

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3 Responses to My Words

  1. Deep and sublime. Your words are like pearls of wisdom

    Have a good day

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