Letter to Myself: Second Day of Summer

Date:Sometime when I was 13

Today I went back over grandmas house because I was bored. Today all the different men and women came by.

The vegetable Man was here early around 8:30 am. Granddad bought a bunch of stuff and he bought some seeds for his garden.

The Avon Lady came by to sell grandmother some lotions and soap.

Then the fish man came by and sold them some fish.

The insurance lady,the grass man,the sausage man,the car repair man, the lady from the church…

It’s like this at least once a week. It’s a different person that comes by for everything. The majority of them attend our church. Grandma and Granddad have been retired for a long time but they do not lack on having company. My favorite is the candy lady and the icecream man. The mail lady is nice too.

Basically all I did was just sit around from about 8-5 and watch people come and go. Listen to a few interesting conversations about everything from movies to politics, sports.

It was a boring but interesting day. I got to spend the day with my grandparents so that was nice. But it wasn’t much excitement.


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