Letter to Myself: 4th day of Summer

Date: Sometime when I was 13

Today I stayed home all day. I went outside on the front porch but I didn’t go anywhere.

Even being on the porch is interesting. The first thing that happened was this car comes by and stops and asked me if I seen a dog running around. It was two guys supposedly looking for their dog that got loose. I told them no. Then 5 minutes later they come back, I found out they were undercover narcotics cops. They asked me why was I sitting on the porch and what was I doing. “I told them hold on let me go get my mom real fast”, they drove away and I didn’t see them again. I’m 13 and I look 10, I don’t know why they thought I was selling drugs. The real drug dealers were literally across the street selling drugs watching me get harrassed by the cops. I can’t make this stuff up!!

After that my friend Jay came over and played video games for awhile. He brought his dangerous little sister with him. She has done some outrageous stuff lately. She loosened all the bolts on his bike so it would fall apart while he was riding it. She somehow got ahold of their stepfather’s gun and shot at him, lucky for him she was aiming high because she hit the stop sign at the end of their block instead, there’s a hole in the S now. This has all happened in the last two weeks. I wouldn’t be anywhere close to her for a long time if I was him. Shes tried to take him out 2 weeks straight, I wouldn’t give her a third chance. He didn’t tell me he was bringing her, I would have told him she can’t be here. Shes to violently unpredictable. She didn’t do anything while she was here.

After that I sat on the porch for awhile by myself. It was kind of peaceful, it got wild quick. I’m sitting there and this guy in a suit comes running for his life from behind this drug dealers house across the street. What happened was he was a probation officer and he was coming to check on someone but the person started beating him up and he ran to go get help. Help definitely arrived. It was all types of cops all over the block.Mom made me go inside, but since my bedroom is upfront I still could see everything. It was a bunch of undercover cops in jeans and extra small tshirts, majority uniformed police. It wasn’t anything exciting really, just a bunch of people standing around talking. Of course they got the person really quick. He tried to run, but he’s out of shape, it was a short run.

After that I played video games for the rest of the day.


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