Letter to Myself: 3rd day of summer

Date: Sometime When I was 13

Today I’m not going to write about anything that happened. I’m just going to write about a few things I thought about today.

Isn’t strange how grandma house is 3 blocks away and she lives in a peaceful area and we live in the hood. Drug dealers everywhere, drunks everywhere and just a bunch of that kind of stuff going on. Grandma house is on a block where the grass is always cut, ( go one block back and most people don’t have any grass, just dirt)nice brick houses. Nice cars in some of the driveways. Absolutely nothing criminal going on. I always thought its because its within two blocks from 2 major public schools. All I know is ,its like night and day.

That’s one reason I’m always over my grandparents house, peace. It’s a nice get away. The people where I live are so weird about going anywhere, they never leave those 4 or 5 blocks. Never once have I seen them on my grandparents block. They know if they do any of that activity to close to a school, it’s over. That’s a criminal charge not even the worst drug dealer wants. Plus they don’t have any customers over that way.

There is another theory I have why my grandmothers block is so peaceful. I recently heard from a Minister that he was on a airplane and they hit turbulence he said the person sitting beside him started to panic and he told the person beside him ” Don’t worry we’ll be ok, because Jesus is everywhere I am”. Meaning his faith was so strong that he believed God was always watching over him and the people around him. My Grandmother is the closest thing to an Angel I’ve ever seen. From my point of view she is flawless. Shes never angry, always seems to be in a good mood. She loves God with all her heart, she prays and reads her bible every day constantly. I never hear her gossip, not saying she doesn’t, I just haven’t heard it. Also I have never ever heard anyone speak one foul word about her. Not sure how old she is, but I assume really old,seems like someone would say something bad, but nothing.

She believes in God so much she makes you believe . Unbreakable, unshakable faith in a little 4 foot something little grandma. She is my inspiration. Never moody, just solid everyday, good times and bad same person. So I believe she is so blessed that if you are anywhere close by her, it’s a possibility you might be blessed also.

That’s just a few of my thoughts from today .


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