Just Saying

When I’m down and out I’m relatable,

But if I’m happy and positive I’m delusional,

I don’t know who made the rule that if you feel successful it has to be someone there to tell you your not,

If you think your hot in this cold world someone will quickly let you know your not,

Don’t show that your trying to better yourself to the wrong person,

They’ll tell you everything wrong with everything your doing,

Is pain more relatable than joy?

Does bad news travel faster than good news?

Sad love songs and the Blues,

Negativity is so popular!!!

People I know barely listen when I tell them about my blessings,

But they are all ears when I speak on my problems,

Yet most people only listen to gossip to someone else, and never help at all,

I heard that the World roots for people to fall,

That’s why I try to go were I feel celebrated and not tolerated as much as possible,

With Family and friends ,

Mainly alone praying to God.


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1 Response to Just Saying

  1. jonicaggiano says:

    I do understand what you are saying. I too feel blessed for all of God’s many blessings. Yet these are very hard times and many people may not have anyone who truly listens to them. We are just so blessed to have our faith but I do understand what you are saying. Blessed are we God’s children. I appreciate your positive words. Love you Joni 🤗💕❤️

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