Dear Happiness

I remember when I thought I had never met you,

It’s true,

I told people often that I had never really known you,

I felt we had been introduced before but we had never spent time together,

That’s before I knew what you were,

Come to find out I had met you countless times before,

I was comparing my relationship with you to others relationship with you,

Now I have my own personal perspective on our relationship,

I want to know you and be around you as much as possible,

When we are together I will cherish every millisecond,

If its between you and stress I won’t put you second,

Another thing I have learned is that you are not irresponsible,

Your not just around for celebration,

Your not attached to money,

You don’t show up in good times only,

I went from thinking I never met you,

To trying to have you around as much as possible,

When your not around I’m looking for you constantly,

Thank God for you

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