The Interview pt2: Paying Attention

Do you ever pay attention to people’s clothes?

Almost never. Occasionally someone’s clothes catch my eye. There are only a few reasons someone’s clothes catch my eye, if they are dressed very unique to me, or their personality makes me observe their clothing more closely. Other than that, I honestly don’t care.

I’ll give you a few examples. The other day at work my co worker asked me, ” did you see the lady with the bright red shoes pass by?” I told her no. The reason why is , never in my entire life have I ever went out of my way to pay attention to someone’s shoes. I promise you of all the people I’ve ever known I couldn’t tell you what kind of shoes they wore. Also my friends have asked me if I’ve noticed if a woman had a ring on her hand or not. I’ve never ever even looked at a womans hands for a ring or anything else.

I just don’t pay any attention to clothing or accessories. There have been times when I have been in a relationship or close friends with a woman that I have paid attention to her clothes but on a regular basis never. You’d have to be dressed very unique or in something that I really like to catch my eye and that happens like once a month, and even then I don’t look at shoes and hands.

Do you think that’s odd?

Considering that most people do pay attention to those things, yes. I consider myself a very observant person, but if the cops told me to describe what someone was wearing, they would never catch the person. God made me blind to certain things.

Is there a downside?

Most definitely. Just like I don’t pay attention to people’s clothing, I can’t stand when people pay close attention to mine. I like to dress nice. I like nice clothes. Key word is “I”. If I think I look good, I LOOK GOOD. I don’t dress to impress strangers. I dress to impress myself and if I’m in a relationship I dress to impress her. Other than that I’d rather people pay no attention to my clothing. I want people to pay attention to me, my personality. If people pay attention to anything pay attention to if I’m polite, funny, interesting, intelligent and so on. My opinion on how I look and dress is the most important opinion to me.

Have you always been this way?

Yes. People say I’m in my own little world. It’s not that, it’s just like I said before God made me blind to certain things. I pay very close attention to the way I dress, but I do that for myself.

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  1. My husband is like that too!

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