Talk Talk Talk

Is it always something to say,

Is there a reason to just pointlessly talk all day everyday,

Do you have anything new to say,

Is it the same complaints,

The same gossip,

The same dumb questions,

I’m not being negative these are real questions,

I know some people if they got paid by the word they would be rich,

All they do is talk, talk, talk,

Its usually never anything new,

The same old same,

And then they blame others for getting in their business,

Well if you shut up we wouldn’t know your business,

I’m not in a bad mood,

I don’t feel bad,

I just don’t feel like talking about nonsense,

And if you had any sense you would feel the same way sometimes.

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4 Responses to Talk Talk Talk

  1. Ena says:

    Thank you for choosing to follow my blog! I really appreciate your support and look forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. jonicaggiano says:

    People should think before they speak that is for sure. Understand. Happy Valentines Day to you. Hugs 🤗 Joni

  3. ecopoet says:

    Silence is golden 🌿

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