The Interview pt1

What is love?

Love is the most powerful emotion there is. Love is so complex and so many different things its impossible to really answer the question. When it comes to love as an emotion, it can make people do amazingly good things. Love can save a life and love can take a life. You can love a person and make their lives great and full of joyous moments. On the other side love can cause much grief. People can love horrible things, and they can love to do horrible things.

I also believe God blessed us all with love. Not to use negatively, but to use it to enjoy life to the fullest. If you are surrounded with good love you have a wonderful life. Good love meaning, you have people you love, you have things you love to do, and you have people who love you. Again I believe God made love so powerful and so deep that its impossible for me to fully grasp everything that love is.

What about hate?

Hate. Well hate to me is also very powerful. It can’t beat love, but it is still very powerful. Hate is something that I can’t fully described either. Because I do hate some things. For example, I hate when bad things happen to people. Hate can break people apart. Hate can destroy a person and everyone around them if they let it. As long as there is love, there will always be hate.

How about respect?

I’ve heard respect is not given you have to earn it. I completely disagree, because I think everyone deserves respect. If you meet a complete stranger they deserve some kind of respect from the beginning rather they earn your respect or not. Some people I know think they are the respect police. They think that they make the decision on who gets respect and who doesn’t, yet they want people to always respect them. I do believe there are many things that people can do to lose someone’s respect. Instead of respect being earned I think that respect should be given until proven that it should not be.


What I have been saying is my opinions. Everyone in the world might disagree but it’s my opinion. Opinions are universal, everyone has one. What do we know to be a fact? Not much. It’s all opinions, and that’s my opinion. Just because you have a very strong opinion about something does not make it a fact. For example if someone paints my house blue and I say its light blue and you say it’s dark blue, who is right.

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