Please live your life,

Don’t look back,

Don’t look forward,


There is no yesterday,

There might not be a tomorrow,


Oh God this life is so short and complicated,

Please forgive me for wasting any of it on trivial issues,

When people are passing around tissues remembering you,

They won’t be talking about bills you were late on,

They won’t be talking about how stressed you were to pay the rent,

They won’t vent about how you didn’t like your job,

All that will be irrelevant,

So it should be irrelevant right now,

Please be happy and live your life,

You only have one,

No second chances,

No do overs,

Don’t live looking over your shoulder regretting the past,

Don’t let financial situations cast a shadow on your present,

If you love yourself, live your life like it is a present,


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1 Response to Please

  1. This is such a meaningful and relevant post, always but especially now after the struggles of 2020 that continue into our new year. Namaste.

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