What A Sad Life

Let me tell you about Cane,

Cane was really raised in the streets,

Cane was really apart of streets,

The kind of person that you wouldn’t want to meet,

Gun toting ,

Gang related,


That’s what Cane was,

How did he get this way,

It started when his parents got put away,

He got sent away to a group home,

In his mind it was children jail,

Instead of blaming his parents for his situation,

He thought “Where did “I” fail?”,

He was a angry bitter child,

He gave the group homes hell,

He fought and ran away,

He did so many crimes they put him away,

Away as in prison at the age of eighteen,

He did a year and he was back on the scene,

A convicted criminal with a long criminal record at nineteen,

His mind frame was either sell drugs or become a fiend,

A legal job never crossed his mind,

“Where is a hardened criminal like me going to find a job”

“I’ll just rob and steal and if I feel any disrespect I’ll kill”

Cane sealed these thoughts in his mind,

Then he got on his grind,

He joined back up with his gang ,

Got a little street fame,

And his name was known by every cop in the city,

Most would think what a sad life,

What a pity,

No not Cane,

Forget money,

Cane loved this,

The street life was his riches,

If the street life was a game, most people who claimed to be about that life was on the benches,

Cane was most definitely starting five,

His only nine to five was doing crime and staying alive,

What sad life..

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