The Observations of CJ:The Beaches

How was it growing up surrounded by beaches? Nothing special for me because we barely went. We went to the beach once maybe twice a year and as an adult I barely go at all. Its several beaches within 30 minutes. I actually love the beach. Not swimming, the atmosphere.

What do you remember about the beaches?I remember we only went to 3 different beaches. The expensive beach that was nice and clean with big expensive homes, that charged to park and almost else. The ok beach that had almost nothing to do but the beach, no good restaurants, no stores , just beach. Then there was the bad Beach, it had big rocks on the shoreline. You mess around and get hit by a big wave and hit one of those gigantic bolder, stone things and that might be your last beach trip. The experience beach was our favorite as kids.

Are the beaches popular?Extremely popular. The beaches make the city a tourist destination. The bad part is it makes it a hurricane destination also.

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