This story is about Jay and love,

Jay had been in real love before at least he had imagined he was in love before,

In his teenage years it was all an illusion,

This taught him if you play with love it’s always a bad conclusion,

Understand Jay wasn’t playing he really thought he was in love,

He treated these relationships serious no game,

It’s a shame that his feelings weren’t reciprocated,

Jay never just casually dated,

He wanted real love,

He prayed often God would bless him from above with a love,

Jay had his heart snatched away far too many times to trust anymore,

The string of fake love that Jay was on had him heartbroken like the saddest love song,

How long will love escape his grasp Jay often thought,

His heart was broken but his spirit and mind intact,

The impact of a broken heart was holding him back so Jay put love in the background,

Until this day Jay is searching and searching,

Where is real love found


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2 Responses to Jay

  1. Lia says:

    Amazing… such great rhythm and story, sounds like a hit song… and perfect question. We all need to ask ourselves this every day… maybe every moment even. And look inside, for the answer… lovely allegory.

    • There are times when one’s life appears to be a stage. People come,people go. They come in order to go & go with no intent of return. When they return,they return as one’s past. A past that would make you feel that the present is false. What is love many different things for some its sex, lust , for the wise love with intent of compassionship . The greatest love of all. More about that’s

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