Can We Agree

You can think whatever you want it doesn’t make it the truth,

Its your truth,

You can think your smart,

You can think your beautiful,

You can think your a success,

That’s what you think,

Your point of view,

I personally know people who don’t know the difference between what they believe and what is true,

Just because I think it’s right doesn’t make it so,

Its countless things I don’t know and don’t want to know,

I still have my own thoughts,

My own perspective,

I’m fully aware that many people don’t agree,

It doesn’t make me mad,

I don’t let it bother me,

You see if I keep saying “your wrong I’m right “,

That’s a fight that will never end,

You think a certain way and I might think differently,

Doesn’t mean we can’t agree on respect.

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