The Observations of CJ: Downtown

What do you remember the most about Downtown?Working downtown. My first few jobs were downtown. I washed dishes at several different expensive restaurant when I was a teenager. These were not good jobs. I remember it was so unprofessional in the kitchen, but very upscale in the dining area. If only the people knew who the restaurant had preparing their food. They would never come back. In the kitchen it was crazy, staff almost getting into fights and coming to work drunk. Once at this restaurant on the water were I worked for almost a year, my coworkers girlfriend came to the job and threw hot water on him. It was really hot. That’s just one thing that happened out of a thousand. All together I worked at 3 restaurants washing dishes and at the library as a teenager and 3 other jobs as an adult. The jobs wasn’t necessarily hard, but the environment was unprofessional.

Any good memories of downtown?I have had more good times than bad. I lived about 10 blocks from downtown growing up, so in highscool I would walked there all the time. The reason I walked downtown was to get away from everyone. Back then nobody I knew would go downtown, it was all expensive restaurants and high priced stores. I went downtown to sit by the water, walk around and look at the expensive houses. Also it’s a bunch of museums I would go to. Every activity downtown were things my friends would never do. Like ride on tour boats, go to train museums, art museums…. I think hanging out Downtown and working Downtown made me a more diverse person.

What was your favorite thing to do Downtown? Just walking around, looking in stores and just sightseeing. It’s a nice place to walk around and do nothing but relax.

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