One Uppers

Do you know what a “One Upper ” is?

It’s a person that usually gossips,

A person that talks all the time,

What stands out the most is they usually lie,

And try to compete with you in regular conversation,

If you found a dollar today, yesterday they found a hundred dollars,

If you were sick last week, last month they almost died,

Whatever your complaints are they have worse complaints,

And whatever your blessing are they have been blessed a thousand times more,

For all the “one uppers” out there we know who you are,

Your annoying and you live a fake life and its mainly only in your mind,

Please find a way to stop making stuff up,

Stop lying,

And please stop trying to one up any and everything people say to you.

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1 Response to One Uppers

  1. Seoul Sister says:

    I’ve never thought of this behavior before but you’re right. I have a coworker that’s like this. When she’s being annoying I think thoughts of how phoney she is and she seems to feel the energy haha and she leaves me alone.

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