The Observations Of CJ: High school pt1

How did you like high school? High school was the best times of my life. I learned how to become an observer and not a participant. I also learned that everyone doesn’t have to try to be a tough guy or be someone your not. High school made me become comfortable being myself no matter what.

What was your high school like? My high school was different. When it was time for me to start high school all the high schools had overcrowding issue where we lived. The city decided to start a new high school to help with the overcrowding. They took a Juvenile Detention center school and turned it into a regular high school. All the kids that were there that were not high school age got placed in different schools , but the kids that were of high school age got to stay. When I first started, there were bars on the windows, and some students were on house arrest, all they could do was go to school and straight back home. Also for the first few months I was the only freshman in the entire school! After the first year it gradually grew in size and we got a bunch of new students.

Do you ever see anyone from high school? I only see 2 people from high school occasionally. One I don’t ever want to see, the other was the coolest, funniest most confident person I’ve ever met in my life. He is one of the strangest looking people I’ve ever seen, but he was so cool and so charming that no one seemed to notice anything about his appearance. This person doesn’t even know, but he kind of changed my entire outlook on life. He showed me if you are confident in who you are and you treat people with respect, most of the time you’ll be ok. The coolest people in my high school were the most unique people in my high school. They looked different, talked and dressed different. There was no so called “crowd” to follow, everyone did their on thing, but we all got along.

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