Am I looking in the mirror,

Or is the mirror looking at me,

Am I a product of my environment,

Or is it all I see,

So it’s all I know how to be

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1 Response to Riddling

  1. Omatra7 says:

    Yes … environment will effect you… your experiences shape how you become.

    It does have an effect… you can actually over come anything before you. But you must be strong spirit, and figure out how to do that.

    When I have anything I think is effecting me in a bad way… I try (key word try lol ✌️) to figure out in what way I could change that aspect?

    I am not the greatest at it… and I panic and stuff lol … but I’m still alive and still surviving and doing ok.

    And if you keep your eyes open and observe – you will learn many things about the world and people.

    Environments may effect you… but keep your eyes open to learn from them.

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