Looking Out The Window At Work

Looking out the window assuming everyone is having the best time of their lives,

The sun is shining it’s good weather,

I’m inside where I don’t want to be,

I see people looking so care free,

I’m in a bad mood because I’m here,

Why don’t I just walk out?


Fear of being without shelter and food,

I’m no ones fool,

I only use this job as a tool to get me by,

Do my dreams cry,

Yes, but I make them smile when I never give up and continue to try to make them come true,

I don’t hate my nine to five,

Its important,

But its not keeping me alive,

I strive to never give up on my dreams,

Even when it seems impossible,

Its improbable to think my life will go as planned in my mind,

As I look out the window right now I find a since of peace within,

One day soon I’ll be on the outside looking in this window,


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