Should I Care

It’s so conflicting,

Don’t care what anyone thinks about you,

But care what certain people think about you,

Should you care?

If you care what you think and you care about what God thinks isn’t that enough,

There is still family and friends,

Does your life depend on what they think,


This might not be confusing and conflicting to you,

It is to me

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4 Responses to Should I Care

  1. I have come to try not to care what people think but that is with active attention. I have to sometimes sit back and reflect upon what I know and teach myself whether or not it should be listened to. I think there will always be question in oneself but in the end who is the final judge of who you are? You!

  2. johncoyote says:

    I do believe. Family is very important. I had great grandparent, lousy parent. I was raised-up by kind grandparent. I follow their example. Hello my friend and I enjoyed your work. Happy New year.

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