Maybe Its You/Maybe Its Me

Me:I asked you to stay,

I told you I thought it was a mistake for you to leave,

You didn’t believe in a serious relationship,

You wanted to live for the moment,

I’m planning for the future,

I wanted an adult relationship,

You wanted to be a wild child free to roam,

Is that wrong?

I thought it was,

But who says I’m right,

I remember we only had a fight after it was over,

After it was over you were mad that I wasn’t still a shoulder for you to lean on,

You messed me up and did me so wrong,

This is not a said love song,

This is reality,

Love songs are fake,

When you gamble with a person’s heart ,

Do you know what’s at stake,

I don’t hate ,

I still got love for you,


You: Wait!

You act like I’m so wrong,

Yes I did leave,

But believe me I left for good reason,

I thought I was in love but I wasn’t,

It was just for a season of my life,

I was young just playing relationship,

I don’t think I abandoned ship,

I think you wanted something I didn’t,

We were so young and life was just getting good,

I should have been more gentle in my approach when I did leave,


But I have feelings and a life also,

Let’s not forget we all have our separate flaws,

Like being moody,

or overprotective,

I don’t need your shoulder to lean on,

I was just trying not to be mean before I moved on

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