Get Out Of Your Head

Get out your head,

Your going to worry yourself until your dead,

Self doubt is overwhelming your everything,

It only brings you down,

I’m not saying walking around thinking your perfect,

I’m saying put your confidence in God,

Attempt to do the right thing,

And bring hope and positivity everywhere you go,

If you show all those things as much as you can,

Stand up like a man and be proud of yourself,

You have more wealth than the richest man,

Because your happy with yourself,

Of course your going to doubt yourself at times,

The key to me is, I can doubt myself but don’t ever doubt God,

It’s hard to keep this mind state, but I’d hate to see life without it.

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3 Responses to Get Out Of Your Head

  1. aruna3 says:

    Thought provoking poem,dear!!

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