Looking In The Mirror

Is it always a fight,

Is it always a reason to be afraid,

Hot sun no shade,

Paycheck to paycheck,

Low paid,

It’s hard not to be afraid,

Life is moving fast,

How long will these strange days last,

I want to look to the future,

I can’t shake my past,

School of hard knocks,

And I’m the leader of the class,

I can’t just pass by these real feelings and act like they don’t exist,

I’ve hit some game winners ,

But I feel more often I’ve missed,

The list of my failures and fears can go on for days,

That’s why I try to praise and be happy as much as possible,

I’m responsible for the decisions I make,

It’s not all about give and take,

Intentions matter,

Make sure your heart is in the right place,

Searching for happiness and fulfillment,

Is it right in my face

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3 Responses to Looking In The Mirror

  1. silent poetry says:

    Lovely 🌹

  2. Omatra7 says:

    I just feel like 2020 was a reset? Lol

    Now is time for healing and growth. 🙌

    And that’s a healthy perspective there ✌️

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