Sleep comes hard and so does peace,

Will struggle and grief ever cease?

I feel the need to increase,

But no need for another decrease,

Why can’t we all rise?

My eyes tell a story,

A story of heartache and pain,

A story of dreams forgotten,

And stars that never made it to the sky,

A story of being afraid to live,

But not afraid to die,

I’m too tired to cry,

To weary to try,

What do I do?

All I want is to be happy,

This sounds strange through all this I’m still blessed,

Family and love,

A Beautiful daughter from above,

To better myself is what needs to be done,

Then I will truly feel that I have won,

Right now its hard to explain how I feel,

Loved yet still hated,

Sinning but still a Christian,

A liar but still honest,

Hard worker but still lazy,

Sane but still crazy,

Rich but poor,

Cursed but blessed,

Dying but yet much alive,

Happy yet sad,

Good mood but I get mad,

All alone but surrounded by people,

A failure with a bright future,

I’m too complex to figure out,

No doubt I’m a designers original,

The designer God,

I think way too much,

But a legend I am,

And a legacy I will leave,

Every breath I breathe I want to breath for God,

That’s my only hope,

That’s your only hope,

Some don’t believe and call me stupid,

But as you can see I am wise beyond my years,

I can see beyond my tears,

And I can ask God to wash away my fears,

There is a God,

There is a heaven,

And my goal is to live my life on earth like I’m trying to get there,

I don’t care what you think or anyone else,

Because if there is a heaven there is surly a hell,

Rich on earth but there is nothing you can sell to buy your way out of death,

So I’m going to try to take my advice,

Love God,

Love life,

Love my family,

And enjoy my time on this earth,

But never forget time runs out,

You don’t know your day or hour or minute or even second when you will be gone,

So please God don’t let me live for today,Let me live for eternity.

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7 Responses to Eternity

  1. Halbarbera says:

    Excellent poem on Eternity…

  2. Hi dear
    Would be glad if you follow my blog
    Will follow your page too

  3. da-AL says:

    wishing you the best for 2021 🙂

  4. A wonderful poem ! 🙂

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