The Letter To — —-

Its been almost two years since we communicated,

I never hated you,

I was just through with the nonsense,

Were we ever friends?

I ponder that from time to time,

I’m not going to say you don’t cross my mind,

We were associates for a good portion of time,

Every since we were children you liked to run your mouth,

Saying the most disrespectful things to make people mad,

Well I had only witnessed that until about two years ago,

You wanted to show how cool and tough you were on a phone call,

Talking crazy even though I told you several times just let it go,

But oh no you wanted to be a tough guy,

I’m not going to lie I had really been trying distance myself from you for years,

Trust me there were no emotions or tears,

More like a sigh of relief when it finally happened,

You were like a thief that brought a bunch of negativity,

All you did was complain about your bills,

And your relationships,

Complain, complain, complain!

Thats what you did,

But just like a little kid when you did get a little money you start to brag,

Your either bragging or complaining,

And rag on people who are doing bad,

Never sustaining any consistency ,

Then you want to talk crazy to me?!


I looked out for you when you had no one,

That argument,

I know it was a blessing in disguise,

I’m still surprised,

I still don’t know what made you think you could try me of all people like that,

You know how I am,

I know you might not like this letter but unlike you I live in real life,

Not a video game,

You know who this is for,

Well just call them No Name.

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