My Dear Poetry

I know what they might think,

But you know the truth,

I’m very honest with you,

I tell you my innermost feelings,

Thoughts that no one knows,

I’m all about positivity and expressing real feelings with you,

Its definitely not all good in real life,

But should I only dwell on the bad parts,

Thank God I’ve laughed more than I cried,

I couldn’t have died many times,

God saved me,

I’m moody and I sometimes say too much,

I feed into the negativity to often,

I procrastinate like I’m sure many do,

God knows me and he knows this is all true,

I can go on all day about my flaws but let’s move on,

Spreading positivity the best way I can is my strength,

I love you so much how could I not keep it real with you,

I tell you how I feel rather it’s good or bad,

Happy or sad,

I mostly tell you about love and positivity,

Because that’s what I want,

I use you to pray,

You have been more than amazing to me,

I love you Poetry,

You will always be with me.

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4 Responses to My Dear Poetry

  1. “I love you too … sincerely.”
    ~ Poetry ❤️ 😎

  2. aruna3 says:

    Beautiful written.i think-it is dedicated to Nature.

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