So I Told Her

The other day I had a conversation with a child,

The child was afraid to go outside,

She said she’d rather hide from the world,

She said she was scared of criminals doing her harm,

She said that from the news her parents watch people being violent is the norm,

How do you form a response to that,

Then she went on to tell me about how she had doubts about her health,

How could she achieve anything without wealth,

She said she heard it was a killer virus out there taking people out like a scary movie,

Then she said that people are snatching up little girls off the street that look just like her,

And every year shes afraid some kind of natural disaster is going to wipe us off the map,

Instead of being a child and taking a nap this young childs mind was running wild,

Shes wide awake thinking about what size meteor would it take to take us all out,

Shes afraid of not being or being a certain color,

“Aren’t people all just people? Why does the color matter?”

She asked,

I took a pause to respond,

But I was waiting for her to say something that didn’t make complete sense,

How do I convince someone that everything is ok when you kind of feel the exact same way,

So I told her…

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2 Responses to So I Told Her

  1. Loved this poem! Totally agree with your point of view! ❤ Happy New Year!

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