C Sincere Where Have You Been

Where do I start,

I always try to speak from the heart,

Feeling unworthy can really tear you apart,

It can play with your mind,

I know I can’t find the exact moment things went wrong,

I can recall a bunch of tears, prayers and sad songs,

Yes! I let things go on for way too long,

That’s one of my glaring flaws,

In my mind I wish time and life would just pause,

It goes by too fast for me to figure stuff out,

No doubt this sounds like a bunch of excuses,

Time has been kind in many ways,

Anxiety, laziness, and mistakes have taken away some valuable days,

Where was I,

Right here

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4 Responses to C Sincere Where Have You Been

  1. jonicaggiano says:

    Life does go fast for sure as expressed so truthfully here. I would say don’t be too hard on yourself right now, your writing and that is great. Love, hugs and please stay safe my friend, Joni

  2. jyotsandhu20 says:

    Feelings on the paper. Amazing

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