You Know Now

It’s been years now since we communicated, 

I never debated rather to contact you or not,

I’d be an idiot to bring such negativity back into my life,

We knew each other for a long time, 

You must have been out of your mind if you really thought I was going to take any part of such disrespect ,

I’m not ever going to play the tough guy role but I know I told you that you can’t talk to me crazy, 

And if you didn’t know that’s just lazy research, 

I’m not going to argue or get myself upset,

I’ll just let you go your way and I’ll go mine,

Hopefully you find some self restraint, 

Because you can’t just blurt out disrespectful stuff and then think we cool,

Do you think I’m a fool,

I know you know I’m not now.

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