My Faith

Let me tell you something really deep,

Something close to my heart and soul,

I hold this closer to me than anything on this earth and beyond,

My faith,

I have faith because of all the examples and emotions that I have personally experienced in my lifetime,

I can’t and won’t force anyone to believe,

I’m not trying to be selfish right now but I’m just talking about me,

I have faith because of my grandmother and my mother,

Their faith was so strong,

So steadfast,

So real!

How could I not feel it,

I believe in my faith because of me,

You see I have always been searching,

Trying to obtain that strong faith I grew up seeing and still see,

Oh trust me it’s been a wild ride and I can’t hide my flaws and my mistakes,

I had some good and some bad breaks,

But deep in my heart I always believe I knew what was at stake,

I don’t take anyone’s word as complete truth,

I digest the knowledge and I search for proof,

I believe I have more than enough personal proof to believe that my faith is real,

Thank God

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3 Responses to My Faith

  1. Marsha says:

    Beautiful poem, csincere. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love to write poetry, and got my start when I was young as well. It’s been an on and off again love, though. Now I do it to sharpen my thoughts and fit a pattern rather than to vent an emotion.

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