What We Thought Was Love

Young and full of what we thought was love,

We thought we were right,

We thought it was a good fight,

Us against the world for no reason,

Who would have thought after the seasons changed love would be gone,

Love is so powerful even fake love made us happy,

Temporarily, but still happy,

I thought you were an angel and you thought I was your prince,

The grass on the other side of the fence in this instance was definitely greener,

Love was nice with you at first,

Time made it meaner,

Wanting to be free to roam got between us,

You wanted to fly like a bird,

I wanted to stay grounded and safe,

The thoughts and dreams we had,

Did they all go to waste

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5 Responses to What We Thought Was Love

  1. I can feel the deep sentiment in this. You have a wonderful gift of artistic expression.

  2. kinge says:

    Profound. Well expressed

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