A Message To Me From My Heart

Being thankful for what you have is not settling,

Maximizing on your strengths and working to improve your weaknesses is not futile,

Excepting who you are and trying to be the best version of that person is not unrealistic,

Attempting to be positive in a negative environment is not impossible,

Making the best out of the situation that your in doesn’t mean you want to stay in that situation,

If someone doesn’t believe in what you believe in it’s ok you love and pray for them anyway,

Just keep listening and I promise I will speak to you everyday.

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4 Responses to A Message To Me From My Heart

  1. Nice blog you got and thanks for following

  2. myfanwy80 says:

    This truely resonates… positivity in a negative world is not impossible thank you for sharing this

  3. Jeff Flesch says:

    Beautiful, and truth.🙏

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