It’ll All Work Out

It matters to me how all this plays out,

It also matters that I play at all,

I could have been timid and to scared to make the call,

But then what would I do with all these feelings inside,

I don’t want to hide,

See me!

See who I am,

I pray you feel the same way,

And if not this is Gods way to tell me to move on,

I’m just thankful I have the option to move on,

All the tears and sad songs are over,

You know what it is,

You know how I feel,

Only time will tell,

I don’t like wasting time,

But I’m going to be respectful of your wishes,

And respectful of your time

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1 Response to It’ll All Work Out

  1. Halbarbera says:

    It will all work out well!

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