We Are Wasting Our Love

How can I love you so much and you not feel the same way,

How could you have been in real love with me before and not now?

Does real love just go away,

Just the other day I was thinking about you and you call,

I took a pause because I I didn’t know if it was real,

You know exactly how I feel about you,

You always tell me you love me,

Is it really true,

I want the best for you and if I thought I wasn’t it I wouldn’t be trying to be with you,

You know me I get too deep and real for a few,

That’s who I am and I love it,

I know who you are and I love you,

I don’t mind taking our time,

I just want us to have the same intentions,

And did I mention how deeply I’m in love with you,

I think I’ve showed you without a shadow of a doubt I am in love with you,

You say you love me too but you can’t be with me right now,

You said that before,

So when,

Life is short and we just wasting time,

And love,


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