Please Forgive Me

You know I was wrong,

I know I was wrong,

The problem is I didn’t feel I was wrong until it was over,

You even said I treated right,

I was loyal,

I loved you,

And you could depend on me,

That’s why at the time I couldn’t see why you were leaving me,

I’m better now, much more wiser,

I can say I was a boy then but I’m a man now,

I know yours flaws and I know your wrongs,

But we got a real love I speak never wrong of you,

I really deeply love you,

I know why and I kind of don’t understand why I love you so much,

We are so different,

We don’t talk, walk, look, or think anything in common,

We just agree on love,

Some people around us will never understand,

They judge us by other people’s relationships,

I honestly don’t know and really don’t care about anyone else’s relationship,

I wonder why they care so much about ours,

I tried to shield our love from this cold world,

Now that I’ve grown I know that’s impossible,

I wanted you to change certain things,

Now that I have fallen in love with myself,

I say be whomever you want to be,

Just the best version of that person,

Real love can look past a mistake,

Real love is REAL LOVE it has no boundaries,

I really love you and from the bottom of my heart I am sorry for any pain I caused,

If it was big or small,

Please forgive me

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