What I’ve Learned

Running my own race always puts me in first place,

Almost ninety five percent of the people I know talk negative about me behind my back,

Yet smile in my face,

Don’t do crime alone are with anyone else,

your so called toughest friend would sell his mother out to avoid a case,

Being calm suits me,

Being myself suits me,

Pray about everything,

Laugh as much as you can,

Smile as often as possible,

Keep your faith in God,

See each person individually not as a whole,

Learn to trust people to be who they are because this world is cold,

Try not to judge,

Attempt to not hold a grudge,

Get rid of nonsense you heard in the past,

Always love Love,

They say nice guys finish last,

I say at least we finish.

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3 Responses to What I’ve Learned

  1. jonicaggiano says:

    Great truths my friend. Well done. Think what the world would be like if we live by just a portion of that advise. It would be a whole lot better. Have a great evening. Love ❤️ to you and you beloved. Joni

  2. ashok says:

    Interesting 😊

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