Another Chance At Love

Let me tell you a story of lost love,

Lost love that shows the power of love,

There once was a young couple of opposite races and religions,

They had many things in common but more not in common,

This didn’t bother them at all,

They were in love, real love,

Everyone around them seemed to be the problem,

It was like their intentions were to rob them of happiness,

Overtime this weighed heavy on their relationship,

But they had a true partnership that couldn’t be broken,

They fought on for their love as long as they could,

Then one of them couldn’t take it anymore and just suddenly left,

It swepted the other off their feet,

So much pain,

So many tears,

Years and nightmares,

All the fears of never being in love ever again,

Being alone for life,

No love,

No wife,

These are the thoughts and emotions this young adult went through,

All over love,

Now many years have past,

The lovers have been completely separated for a long time,

No bad feelings,

No anger,

Not one bad word to say about each other,

Just recently they ran into each other,

And at least one of them or both want another chance to be in love…

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