Sells Pitch

How are you doing today?

I pray well,

As you assume I’m here to sell you something,

I promise it’s not what you think,

Here’s my pitch…

In a blink it can all be over,


I’m here to sell you thoughts of hope and love,

These are things you can get for free,

Positivity, Respect,

I’m sure you here that from other’s more than me,

But I’m just doing my job,

Trying not to let anyone rob you of your joy,

A message of peace and love,

Faith in God,

In closing,

I’m not representing any business or organization,

I am here to sell you hope, through creative thoughts,

Here to let you know that you are loved

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3 Responses to Sells Pitch

  1. ashok says:

    Beautiful sales pitch 😊💖

  2. Beautiful thoughts thank 🙇

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