I’m Offended

I’m offended by everything you say,

I’m offended by the things you do,

I’m offended by you,

I’m offended because the sky is blue,

I’m offended by any and everything, 

Isn’t that the new thing to do,

Be offended, 

Well I’m offended that people can be offended over anything. 

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1 Response to I’m Offended

  1. Omatra7 says:

    Hahaha this one is kinda funny – sorry … but only because is true

    People do get offended WAY more than we used to…

    I think maybe that is because well all our systems are broken, and technology kinda influences a lot ….

    People have forgotten how to umm?? Hmm?? Have humanity? I dunno I probably say that wrong??

    Just human kindness and compassion … is currently a world of greed and harshness so everybody is all mad about everything

    I just stay away from that stuff as much as possible… the ones I keep around me… if they are ever offended they are free to say that, because maybe I didn’t realize? They know I never mean to ever hurt them… and I would never want to offend anyone . I prefer when they upfront with me…

    I have a young daughter (13) I am older… sometimes I don’t know things lol… the rules have changed since I was a kid… and then sometimes those rules I can not process ?? Lol is hard for me to switch over to ALL her rules on what I can and can’t say lol

    And that makes people feel like they have to be closed and not say what they want? Is ok to be however you want to be, and if someone has a problem then listen and maybe learn ? Or try to.

    Is very different age now. Very very different …

    They grow up different than I did… I grew up before technology, and when you could actually have a childhood… is a little different now.

    There are many factors at play here in this area.

    I don’t know how to fix that? Cause I do also believe people should be who they are…

    Once again no one and nothing is ever totally perfect

    It’s hard. But I see your point here completely!

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