I’m starting to see things in people I don’t like,

Its mainly people who think they are perfect,

Or close to perfect,

They know more than everyone,

There is only one way to think their way,

Being open minded is stupid to them,

Not judging is dumb,

Admitting your wrong is just stupid and ignorant to them,

I don’t know everything but I do know you don’t know everything,

Yet I’m seeing people bring that train of thought out constantly,

I’m better,


And I do no wrong,


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1 Response to What?!

  1. Omatra7 says:

    There are people like that…

    There are those who truly believe they are better than others or more deserving or entitled … unfortunately there are those who think like that … whatever … sometimes there are reasons for their behavior that we do not know? No one has walked in anyone else’s shoes

    Now having said that, let me also say… there are also people that others sometimes “perceive” to be perfect? But they don’t mean to perceive that? And then when you actually look you see they are just human and normal – no one is perfect, nothing is actually perfect

    But then in life itself… sometimes imperfection is beautiful and incredible so is all how each individual perceives 😊✌️

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