Opinions and Truths

This is who you are,

Who told you that,

Sounds like your opinion,

No that’s a fact,

So you attack people’s character by turning your opinions into facts,

Then you wonder why they react in frustration and anger,

You don’t know me,

I’ve seen you thousands of times on TV and I heard about you in music,

Right when I saw you I knew what you were about,

The fact is I know people,

Well I completely disagree because I can tell by your words you don’t know me,

I’m one of a kind,

A unique individual,

Your heart gets residual payments of hate every time you display these feelings,

Your judging me by how I look,

I’m only looking at how you act and what you say,

I pray for everyone even you,

Because even though I am unique,

We are human beings that deserve the upmost respect,

That’s absolutely true.

About csincere

How long have you been writing poetry? -Over 20+years. How did you first discover poetry? - I discovered poetry by accident around 8 or 9 years old. I was taking a science test and there was a question about the moon. My answer was in kind of poetic form and the teacher thought it was great. My answer was " The moon is like a flashlight and the sun turns it on". After that I kept writing poetry and started to read a lot of books. I also listen to a bunch of music, all kinds of music. Mainly R&B music. I put song lyrics in the exact same category as poetry. When did you first get anything published? -I was 12, a family member was in a contest at work. She was 16 years old working at a clothing store in the mall. It was a tshirt contest. They had to write a slogan or a poem. I wrote it she won, I got nothing except a bigger interest in poetry. I still remember some of the poem " Thank you expiration, For all your dedication, Throughout the years, You have dried tears, You've always been there, To protect and care" . that's all I remember. Why do you write? - 1. It helps me with stress. 2. I like being heard. 3. I love poetry I see some of my poetry like abstract art. I know what I'm feeling when I write them but I want the meaning to be open to interpretation. Also poetry as art to me not competition, every poet that loves poetry is great. I just love to write poetry, everything I write isn't about me personally. I just try to think of how I would feel in different situations. So even though every poem isn't about me it's still my feelings.
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1 Response to Opinions and Truths

  1. Omatra7 says:

    Well I don’t overly concern myself with the judgements of others because people are just going to judge instead of looking towards themselves so whatever

    Be happy and love your life free of that.

    And I agree with you on the point you can not judge a book by its cover and anyone who does could miss something completely amazing and something that could brighten your life?

    I basically be who I am… I went through a lot. So whatever I need to be free.

    I also watch people and how they are. I need to see if I can handle them in my life. I can’t do massive drama and stress. I like peace so I watch their words and actions and see who they are. Can I let my guard down or not?

    Everyone is going to have their own truth and their own opinions based off of what they have experienced … and maybe I don’t always agree with them or whatever … but that’s ok… I don’t mind not agreeing … but I can I enjoy life with them?

    There are so many people with so many differences – sometimes we learn from those differences ❤️✌️… it can enhance life sometimes

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