Being Fired Turned Into My Blessing

On a friday morning  I was working a half day until noon, Countless thoughts run through my mind, I was wondering would work be over soon, This job has me a little jaded and the bright lights had faded on my dreams, Just then I hear the rude voice of the assistant manager calling my name, I have a choice, I could leave and all my work was in vain, Or I could use my voice and express my pain, The rude manager came into view ” Didn’t you hear me calling your name?” — I can remember the exact date December 11th, I clocked in around eight, It was in the A.M , Manager complaining about me being three minutes late, Well if you would pay him what he earned, He wouldn’t have to ride two buses, And burn through shoes from walking to get to work everyday, All the managers do is sit in the office and do a whole bunch of talking, While we out there working As I decided how to respond to this clown rudely calling my name, I think about all the possibilities of responses frame by frame, I could flip out and curse her out, I could just get up and leave, Because I knew what it was, No doubt, Not only was this manager rude but her tone was now a shout, — “Yeah! what! I hear you, do you think I can’t hear?” I could feel myself becoming frustrated, At the verge of angry, How could this be happening after all these years, All my peers have been fired one by one, The ones that survived worked in fear, Because they chose to hire a manager with no experience that has fired the entire veteran staff in less than a year, — My response was intended to be rude, I was keeping it cool, Because I could have really acted the fool, All she said was one word and walked away “office “, As I followed I knew what it was, “Office?” Who did she think she was? — In the back office sat the top Manager, He was some little doofus ruthless kid straight out of college, His problem was he thought the old way was out of date, Anyone that was here before he was hired was destined for the same fate, Fired! — The nervous top manager said few words, He seemed uneasy in my presence, Little did he know what he was about to do was going to become a present, “We know longer need your services “, That’s all he said, I couldn’t believe it, I literally bled for this place, And right in my face this happens, — What!, That’s was what I said and what I was thinking, I was so mad I honestly can’t remember breathing or blinking, All he said was those same words again, “We know longer need your services ” Back then I was kind of young and wild so I know what he was expecting, For me to scream and yell, And tell him exactly what he could do with this job, But this idiot wasn’t going to rob me of my pride, And more importantly my freedom, Because if I had jumped over the desk and punched him in his stupid face the cops would be on his side, — Calmly without one word I got up and left the office, Longing to be rid of this job for so long, I went and collected my belongings, They were supposed to follow me to make sure I left, And that I don’t commit a theft, But they were stupid and lazy, Not brave and crazy, They just let me go in peace — As I walked out all I thought was “why did I stay so long?”, This was my first job, It was a good job before we got a new manager, I put in a a lot of hard work, The list was too long, In my mind I could also hear a song of relief, This horrible place had been a thief of my happiness for far to long, It’s been almost nine years since that day, I’ve done so many things that made me better and happy since then, Closer to God, Healthy happy family, College grad double major!, Better job, So even though this was meant to rob me of my joy, It actually turned into my blessing
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3 Responses to Being Fired Turned Into My Blessing

  1. An attractive share with a show of real human struggles.😞😱

  2. Omatra7 says:

    Oh wow, that sounds like a toxic workplace … you do find those from time to time. That sounds very toxic on ones soul!! It does sound like a blessing in disguise.

    That place you describe – does not sound like a healthy work environment – that’s too bad.

    Hopefully you have found something better that appreciates your hard work and lifts your soul instead of crushing it.

    Did you find better? Are you happier?

  3. Omatra7 says:

    I see you did, so chop it up to life lesson … I’m glad you are happier – remember to keep happiness in your life – not those toxic things

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