Personal Thoughts

I don’t like giving advice because I don’t feel qualified,

This is my personal thoughts,

A story has two sides this is my side,

I found out in this life time its difficult to hide from reality,

It’s also hard to get factuality when it comes to the truth,

I have sinned and from within I am truly sorry,

Those feelings should be universal because no one is perfect,

I find it easier to not judge than to let go of a grudge,

I guess I have trust issues,

It’s not without reason,

I’ve met people who were there for only the sunny season,

When any pain or rain came about they disappeared,

People will be people,

Through it all the love that God has graced me with has no equal,

My personal thought is,

Life is not a movie,

There is no sequel,

Love God,

Love life,

Be happy in the moment…

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2 Responses to Personal Thoughts

  1. Savs says:

    Truly said, our live is not movie…

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