Walking Around The Past

I remember these streets,

These corners,

Every house reminds me of someone,

Every tree and yard I can recall,

Thank God I have fond memories because now that I’m older I know what could have been,

Things look slightly different in some places and exactly the same in others,

New faces in old places,

I can still see traces of my childhood sprinkled among these blocks,

I am who I am because of this environment,

But I’m not a product because products are for sell,

This place has given me a bunch of stories to tell,

Some are what you might imagine,

Others you couldn’t even fathom,

I know that my survival wasn’t random,

God was with me,

I was young naive,

Oblivious to any thought that I could be hurt,

I was so free with no stress,

No thoughts of disasters going on around the world,

I was in my world,

So innocent and pure,

There is no cure for the evil man’s eyes have to see,

I can’t unsee what I’ve seen,

I know you heard the streets can be mean,

God blessed me is all I can say,

A day of walking around the past

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1 Response to Walking Around The Past

  1. Sweet are our memories. The starting age of our life that is child hood, was very near to GOD. Beautuful poem .💕

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