The Dream I had

Last night I had a dream I was in heaven talking to Angels,…

My name was Sean,

African American teen, age seventeen,

Named after my father,

I was loved deeply from the day I was born,

People had sworn I would be the president one day,

I did really good in school,

Elementary school was ok,

But highschool was cool,

I never got to finish school,

I never got in trouble,

Didn’t give my parents a hard time,

I’m not saying I was perfect,

But I’m sure I did my best,

The rest of my life I’ll never see and it just started,

It all ended after a pool party of all things,

I was on my way home in my dads car,

It was a small City so the ride wasn’t going to be far,

I got pulled over for no apparent reason,

I had my windows up because of the season,

I had no need to worry I had a clean record,

Never touched a gun or drugs,

A tap at my window by the officer,

Then a request for ID,

After that I don’t know what he could see,

But he must have thought it was him or me,

Because that’s my last memory,..

I awoke from my dream that seemed to be mixture of reality and a nightmare,

I fell to my knees to pray,

Please God make a way..

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6 Responses to The Dream I had

  1. I often dream, some good some bad. I wonder why and what is the meaning of it.

  2. I heard of this same dreamđŸ¤”

  3. Lia says:

    Wow yes, nice write.

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