Dear Worry

You are a strong opponent,

I’ve personally have seen you make people do some horrible things,

There are few things that can bring the pain you bring,

Just the ring of your name is depressing,

How many people do you stop from resting every night?

How many daily fights do you start?

You have played a big part in everyone’s life,

Worrying about money,

Worrying about safety,

Worrying about life itself!

No way possible I can list all the worries in this world,

Do you see what you do?

You ruin lives,

You are an emotion I wish was left out,

I’ve learned to not deal with you as much as I used to,

But your always around,

I pray to combat your power,

That’s the only thing I know to do.

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1 Response to Dear Worry

  1. Well written, thank you for sharing!

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