Thoughts and Prayers

I can make a bunch of visual goals to show off for you,

Work hard and go out of my way to do what the world around me thinks is cool,

Set materialistic goals for strangers,

“What will “people” think?”

“What will “people” say?”

Am I doing any of this for myself?

Is it selfish,

or is it common sense?

How can I want to impress complete strangers and forget about me?

“I want to be excepted,”

“I want to be popular,”

“I want to be cool,”

I just don’t want to be the fool,

I pray for inner peace,

I pray that my faith in God give me inner confidence,

I pray for inner joy,

I pray for the inner strength in knowing God is always with me.

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2 Responses to Thoughts and Prayers

  1. I’m dinging this! Keep it up…

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